Delivery Terms


Once the order has been confirmed, goods will be dispatched on the day or the following day for orders after 12 noon. Standard TNT delivery policy is delivery within 1 -3 business days, but we have specified the delivery period as 2-5 days  to ensure that you do not get disappointed in case unexpected catastrophes erupt which would be out of our control.


Occasionally packages are returned to us as undeliverable. When the freight company returns an undeliverable package to us, we will contact you via email or phone.Why are packages occasionally undeliverable?


Packages are normally only undeliverable when the address is incorrect- please check your address carefully when placing your order. Should this occur, a redelivery fee will apply. In rare cases, it is also possible that the address label became illegible during the shipping and handling process, in this case the goods will be re-shipped free of charge.


If you are sending a gift, it may be a good idea to let the recipient know that a surprise is on the way, otherwise they may refuse to accept the package believing that it was sent to them in error.


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